Niina Nurminen

Niina Nurminen

Founder and CEO, work community coach

+358 50 327 6603 Linkedin

Niina is known as a pioneering arts & business professional and a forerunner in theatre-based working life coaching in Finland. Niina is a Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama) with a long acting career.

Kimmo Huhtimo

Kimmo Huhtimo

Senior Advisor

+358 40 131 6628 Linkedin

Kimmo is known as an expert and pioneer in customer and work community experience leadership and has worked in leading positions in various companies. “Renewal does not have to be something people have forced down their throats. Artists’ expertise helps in a human-centric and effective change process.” Kimmo is a Master of Science in Engineering.

ArtSense trainers

The trainers are artists from different fields who have pedagogic expertise and extensive experience in group guidance.

Tero Annanoli

visual artist, teacher and art pedagogue

Hanna Brotherus

choreographer, director and dance artist

Taina Mäki-Iso

theatre director, trainer and clown

Jyrki Haapala

choreographer, dance artist and trainer

Raquel Benmergui

graphic facilitator, trainer

Lotta Lindroos

Lotta Lindroos

actor, trainer

ArtSense trainers

All of our actors are respected professionals in their own fields, who have experience not only in the Forum theatre and traditional acting but also in scriptwriting, directing, teaching and group guidance, among other things. The members of our team are Kris Gummerus, Kaija Kiiski, Vera Kiiskinen, Lotta Lindroos, Taisto Oksanen, Cécile Orblin, Jarkko Pajunen, Kaija Pakarinen, Tuomas Rinta-Panttila, Jaana Pesonen, Carl-Kristian Rundman, Niina Sillanpää, Terhi Suorlahti, Timo Välisaari ja Ilkka Villi.

Jaana Pesonen
Kaija Pakarinen
Cécile Orblin
Ilkka Villi
Tuomas Rinta-Panttila
Taisto Oksanen
Niina Sillanpää
Carl Kristian Rundman
Jarkko Pajunen
Veera Kiiskinen
Terhi Suorlahti
Lotta Lindroos